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How would you like to join our organization as a licensed immigration services provider. We are now looking to add Independent Contractors to assist us in the preparation and filing of our client's immigration paperwork. We will train you at a the very low cost of $300.00 and when you have completed your training we will offer you a contract to work independently as a licensed immigration assistant.

Here is how the process works, in Georgia everyone that offers to provide immigration assistance services must be licensed and bonded in the state of Georgia. After the successful completion of your extensive six weeks training program, you will then decide whether you want to go through the immigration assistance provider licensing process. 

To get started you will need to enroll in our six weeks extensive Immigration Assistance Certificate training program. Classes are held online through a link at Go to Training and enrollment happens every  six weeks.  Please call 404-425-6168 to get enrolled and pay for the class.

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